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Become A Cell Phone Expert With These Tips!

Cell phones are now the norm and are here to stay. These devices are quite handy, and most everyone owns one these days. If you need to buy one, this article can give you some great tips.

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If you drop a cell phone into a liquid, don’t assume that it’s ruined and throw it away. Take the battery out and place the cell phone in a plastic baggie filled with rice. Doing so soaks up excess moisture that may have seeped into your smartphone.

Be careful not to watch too much video while using your cell phone out of wi-fi range. Your cell phone’s plan may have an allowance for the data you’re using. Video will use up your bandwidth allotment quickly. When you’re going over a lot, consider a bigger plan.

If you are using a cell phone and you need to call information, there is no need for you to pay the hefty charges that are usually associated with that. Try for instance the 1-800 number, 411-FREE. You can access the information you’re seeking after an advertisement.

If you have a smartphone, you may use it all through the day. But, you should turn your phone off once in awhile. Smartphones are pretty much little computers. A fresh restart helps clear up memory issues and slow downs. Simply turning your phone off a couple of times each week will improve how your phone works.

Does your cell battery die fast? You might be experiencing a weak signal. Weak signals can actually kill a battery. Just turn your phone off if you’re not using it.

Does your smartphone seem to be getting slower? Make sure that you perform all of the necessary upgrades. This will maximize the potential of your phone. You can choose the features you already have, or upgrade to a more advanced version.

Before buying a new cell phone, ask your friends and family for advice. You can trust people such as these, and they are sure to have had experience with a variety of phones. This will help you to make the right decision.

If all you do with your phone is make calls, don’t invest in a smartphone. Many people own a smartphone, but they tend to use it for going online or checking emails. Smartphones are considerably more expensive than regular cell phones, so save money and get a standard cell phone if all you need it for is talking.

Try not to let your phone go completely dead before you recharge it. Batteries on cell phones are designed so that they can be periodically recharged. They don’t hold their charge well if you allow them to die on a regular basis. Therefore, be vigilant.

To stay abreast of the most up-to-date technology, every few years it is wise to think about purchasing a more modern cell phone. The newest phones work best with most sites online. You may not be able to visit these sites if your phone is outdated.

Learn how to use your apps. Many of them are browsers or music programs. You can get a calendar, too. Understanding the power in these programs can help you get more use for your cash.

Select a proper case for your device. If you drop your iPhone, it could cost you a lot of money. Otterbox makes very durable cases that can keep your phone safe. One really good case is called the Defender.

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Do not be fooled when it comes to your cell phone camera’s zoom feature. The traditional optical zoom that cameras use is not the same zoom for cell phones. Cell phones normally employ digital zooming, and it makes the pixels larger but degrades the quality of the images. In fact, it’s best to not zoom and just get as close as possible.

If you’re wanting to find videos on your phone, you probably should use the Wi-Fi connection you have instead of the data you have. This will reduce the data that you use up. Only use data if your plan is unlimited.

If you’re in an area with no cell phone signal, turn your phone off or place it in airplane mode. Otherwise, you will run down your battery as it seeks a signal. Turn the search off until you find a better signal.

Even though cell phones are portable and travel with you, do not use one while driving. You may think that driving with a set that’s hands-free is a good idea, but you won’t be concentrating on driving which can really be bad. Doing this is risky according to recent evidence.

Texting is a useful practice. If the message is short, just type a text to the recipient. You phone gives of more radiation when you pick it up to make a call. So, texting is actually both more convenient but also safer for you.

Disable features that go unused as a way to maintain battery life. It is very likely that GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi are available on your phone. You’re not going to always need these features. Many people never use these features. Therefore, turn them off whenever possible.

Cell phones do not operate good in warm temperatures, so remember not to leave it inside your car when it is hot. Don’t leave it in the sun or on top of the dryer either. Make sure your phone is in a cool, safe spot!

Cell phones have the ability to do countless things. There may be more to it than you’re aware of. Follow the advice presented here to use your cell phone to the fullest. This is crucial since these phones are usually expensive to replace.